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Stay Informed In A Pain-free Way

We offer an ongoing series of events that feature thought leaders, industry experts, product demos, and modern methodology explanations in a fun and easy-to-follow way.


Choosing New Tech Can Be Daunting

We produce technology demo videos that are designed to help you know the company and the tech in one fell swoop, providing you with just enough info to decide if you want to know more.


Our Community Becomes Your Community

Networking is a part of everyone’s job, but it doesn’t need to be hard. Joining us means that you are instantly aligned with a larger group of your peers, thought leaders and SMEs.


Ongoing Education Is A Life-long Mission

We believe that it is critical to never stop learning. And we don’t think it needs to be painful.  Happy hours, rants, comparison calls, we try to keep it light, enjoyable and entertaining.

Team of Professionals at GDM

julieburroughs 300x293 1

Julie Burroughs

Chief Executive Officer

With a focus on innovation, Julie has helped companies large and small become data-driven champions with amazingly successful results.

mike lampa 300

Mike Lampa

Chief Analytics Officer

Mike Lampa works with enterprises to transform their Analytics Programs to stay current and relevant with the latest disciplines, regulations, techniques, innovations and technologies.

kalia garrido 300

Kalia Garrido

Chief Marketing Officer

Kalia is our resident Marketing and Events guru. She is a long-time digital strategist and has built an impressive career working on the business side of technology.

advisors 300

Expert Advisors

Various Disciplines

We have assembled a stable of stellar experts across many different data analytics disciplines. We tap into their knowledge to produce a variety of data analytics content. 

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