The Strength of our Community Lies in the Diverse Viewpoints of our Members

Our community provides a space for EDUCATION, INSPIRATION, CONNECTION, and COLLABORATION for data analytics professionals worldwide. We are on a mission to elevate the conversation around data. 

We grew up in the data analytics industry and have seen first hand what happens when companies don’t evolve. We believe in innovation and modernization and guide companies to embrace the future of the data analytics industry. 

Behind the scenes at Great Data Minds we are constantly interacting with industry leaders, practitioners, and technology companies. These interactions produce insights that we believe are worthy of sharing with the community. We explore critical pieces of technology and make these deep dives available to our community so that we can all stay abreast of what’s new. 

Join us for our ongoing events, educational programs and hyper-focused collaboration sessions. We are committed to never stop learning.

Four Reasons to Join Us


Keep up with Data and Analytics Innovation

It is impossible to keep up with all the changes and new information being announced every day. We decipher a lot of the noise and bring you the information that is impactful and game-changing.


Pre-Built Data Analytics Community

Your peers in the data analytics industry can better relate to you (and you to them) than anyone else. We have a pre-built, hyper-focused community that is ready and waiting for your involvement, commiseration, thought leadership and contribution.


Early Access to Great Events

Joining our community will get you prompt access to our ongoing calendar of events. Be the first to know when new sessions are posted and ensure your space is saved for our annual marquee events.


Insights from Private Conversations

Every day at Great Data Minds we have in-depth conversations with leaders in our industry. We distill this information into bite-sized, manageable tidbits and share this back with our community. Joining us gets you access to this information.

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